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Gum Aesthetics

Harmony and ratio of the tissues and structures are taken into consideration while talking about aesthetics. Appearance of teeth, appearance of gum, and ratio of gum is considered if we talk about an asthetic face, as we have to consider the appearance of smile. As a fact, gum aesthetic operations are developed to create these harmony.
Gum should be seen for very little amounts while talking and smiling if we are talking about an aesthetic smile. If this amount is more than it should, it makes a negative effect on the person’s smile. Sometimes this condition is due to anatomy of lips or structure of teeth.
For a succesful treatment, whole tissues and structures has to be taken into consideration (lips, cheeks, teeth, jaws), and a good analyze has to be done by experienced dentists. Treatment needs can vary such as ; creating symetry just for a few teeth’s gum, closing the dark gaps between teeth, treating the discolorization of gum, creating a new teeth/gum ratio including whole jaw.

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