Smile Design


Smile Design (Hollywood Smile)

“Appearance of Smile” is getting more and more important every single day as the “ İmportance of Aesthetics” is getting a major requirement in our lives. Our smile is the first fact if we are talking about a “beautiful facial expression” or an “aesthetic face”. Components of our smile are our teeth, gum, lips, cheeks and also harmony of all these units. Including all these factors, starting with having healthy teeth, having harmony of these structures with special ratios can be defined as “Smile Design” .

As every person is unique “smile design” cannot be put in to certain templates. Custom smile design is the only thing which will make the patient happy defining him/her aesthetic. İn order to create the exact “Smile Design” we need to use the first rule of aesthetic, which is “Golden Ratio” while arranging the ratio of teeth, and also considering the appearance of teeth during functions just as speaking and smiling.

How is Smile Design Done?

First rule is always to have healthy teeth.

  • Oral health is determined at the first consultation. Unhealthy teeth and gum is diagnosed and planned to be treated.
  • Aesthetic procedure stages are as follows:
    • Professional dental pictures/videos of the patient are taken.
    • Initial impressions of all teeth are taken
    • Consultation with patient” is another important stage to learn patient’s smile imagination. It can be defined as “success will become if the result is similar to patient’s imagination
    • After analyzing videos/pictures digitally, dental technician and dentist consultate about the case and prototype of new smile is created in dental laboratory.
    • Protoype of new smile is trasnferred to patient’s teeth without any drilling at the second appointment. (no drilling of patient’s teeth is an important detail for this stage) . Application of this stage allows the patient to imagine the new smile design and to test it on his/her teeth even before starting the treatment.
    • Last detailed corrections are made with the help of dentist’s and patient’s opinions. Length/shape corrections are finished .
    • Minimal drilling is done to teeth if needed under local anesthesia. İmpressions are taken, and the session ends with fixing of temporary laminates. It is time for the dental technician to work.
    • Fixing the porcelain restorations is the last procedure for this treatment.

Higher success rates can be achieved by the help of digital workflows, which is done by the help of Cad-Cam systems, newly developed systems for dentistry. İmpressions can be taken digitally using a special 3D camera, and restorations are designed on a 3D software, and created by special machines.
What makes “Smile Design” look natural is the material used, which is similar to natural teeth structure when compared for translucency and light reflection properties.

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